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One of the most important components to your safety when you operate a vehicle are brakes that are kept in excellent working order to help them respond correctly every time you need them. Regular brake inspections and maintenance are vital to keeping your brakes functioning properly. Mike's Complete Auto Service of Gilbert, AZ provides superior full service brake repair and maintenance to our customers at reasonable prices.

We refuse to take shortcuts when it comes to your brake repair and that is why we are the most recommended brake shop in the area. We are able to quickly identify and repair any brake problems your vehicle might be experiencing. If you notice any of the following warning signs of brake wear, we suggest you visit us immediately for a free brake inspection:

• Squealing Noise—This usually indicates that your brake pads or drums are worn. The sound you hear is metal on metal as your brakes compress to stop your vehicle. Ignoring this symptom can result in your rotors becoming damaged beyond the ability to regrind them. This damage can lead to costly brake replacement.

• Brake Pedal Too Stiff or Too Soft—This is typically an issue with your hydraulic system. Brakes can become locked if there is air in the system or a leak in the brake lines which can cause pressure to sink, causing your pedal to go to the floor before stopping. This is an emergency situation and soft brakes should be investigated immediately!

• Vibration When Braking—Unlike the anti-lock brake system where you feel a slight pulse when you brake, this will be a noticeable vibration usually caused by warped or grooved rotors. If you have recently overheated your brakes or have been driving on noisy brakes, you most likely need your rotors recut or replaced.

When you need brake repair or maintenance, try Mike's Complete Auto Service in Gilbert, AZ. We offer our customers decades of experience in diagnosing and repairing brakes and we urge you to come in and see us at the first sign of brake problems.

Choose us for a free brake inspection today and drive confidently knowing your vehicle is safe!

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